Transportation During Hybrid Urban

Urban is located in a densely populated neighborhood where parking is extremely limited. For this reason, we strongly urge that students use public transportation, walk or bike to school. The school has convenient access to a number of major bus and streetcar lines.

Drop Off / Pickup
For those dropping off or picking up via car, please do so in front of the Page Campus building. Better yet, asked to be dropped off several blocks from campus and walk the rest of the way. Page Street is still a designated San Francisco Slow Street. Dropping off or picking up in front of the Mark Salkind Center on Oak Street is NOT ALLOWED. If your class is in the Salkind Center, you must walk around the block via Masonic or Ashbury, due to Covid campus directional regulations.

Use of Rideshare Services 
If students and community members need to use rideshare services, cabs or carpools, please ensure that pick up/drop off is done a block or two away in a safe place. 

Bike Safety
Lock bikes in the racks in the Page Street garage; the door will be unlocked 20 minutes prior to class time. Students will need to scan their SWS when entering the garage. If they have classes in Salkind Center or St. Agnes, they must exit Page and rescan at their proper entrance.