PLEASE NOTE: Transportation options for the 2023-24 school year will be posted in the summer. The below forms are related directly to the 2022-23 school year. 

Urban is located in a densely populated neighborhood where parking is extremely limited. For this reason, we strongly urge that students use public transportation, walk or bike to school. The school has convenient access to a number of major bus and streetcar lines.

Parking in The Mark Salkind Center garage is NOT ALLOWED during the day or for any sports events at the Salkind Center Gym or the St. Agnes Gym. Please see the calendar for parking availability for large parent meetings and special events.

Drop-off and Pick up Procedures
Student pick up is ONLY allowed on the south (school side) of Page Street. Parents/Guardians must never stop to pick up or drop off on Oak Street or on the St. Agnes Gym side (north side) of Page Street. When stopping to drop-off, drivers should be quick and brief - no lingering. Cars 

In order to reduce automobile congestion in front of the Page Street Building, we encourage parents to drop students off a short distance from the school, such as in the white zone in front of St. Agnes Church on Masonic or in parking spaces on Haight Street. 

Free Muni for Youth
Fares for all youth 18 years old and under currently are free under the Free Muni for Youth program. No application or proof of payment/Clipper card will be required to ride Muni, with the exception of Cable Cars. Students may simply get on and ride! 

Use of Rideshare Services 
If students and community members need to use rideshare services, cabs or carpools, please ensure that pick up/drop off is done a block or two away in a safe place. 

Bike Safety
Lock bikes in the racks in the Page Street garage; the door will be unlocked between 7:45-8:30 am, and 8:30-9:15 am on Fridays. 

Straps Available for Public Transportation
We have individual straps that students can use on Muni, Bart and other public transportation services. Please check with the Oak or Page front desks.