Resources for Urban Students

Welcome to the new school year at Urban!

The first weeks of school give us time to reconnect with friends and classmates and pick up where we left off with our favorite clubs, teams and activities. We build upon our experiences from last school year both as individuals and as a community as we deepen our understanding of how to live out Urban’s Core Values in our relationships with each other, whether in person or virtually.

We also look forward to the excitement of a new beginning. For the Class of 2027 and our new faculty and staff, the year will be filled with new experiences as they discover Urban. For all of us, there are many opportunities to try something new and be challenged to see the world in a new way. 

As you look ahead to the start of school, remember that we create our Urban experience together. To build a strong, inclusive community, we must honor the uniqueness of each student and adult and commit to learning about and understanding views and experiences that challenge us and push us outside our comfort zones. We will grow together if we bring trust, honesty and mutual respect to all our endeavors.

We set a high standard of personal conduct at Urban because we aspire to create a community where we can all thrive. We know that we will fall short and make mistakes - that is part of learning - and with humility, we will apologize, learn and move forward. 

Throughout the year, feel free to contact us with questions, concerns and issues. We are here to support you!

Charlotte Worsley
Assistant Head for Student Life
2025 Grade Dean

Jason Ernest Feldman
Dean of Equity & Inclusion


Riley Maddox
2027 Grade Dean
Charisse Wu
2026 Grade Dean

Lingerr Senghor
2024 Grade Dean

Amina Samake
Director of Counseling Services