Required 9th Grade Courses

Urban has three terms of 12 weeks each (fall, winter, spring) and students take four classes per term, plus optional music performance during three E periods throughout the entire year. If a student does not choose a performance music program, the E/activity periods are faculty-monitored study halls, or a combination of co-curricular activities, such as Journalism, a fitness course, Yearbook, dance, mindfulness, etc. Participation on athletic teams is after school, five days a week, including some holidays.

Course descriptions can be found by visiting the Urban Curriculum pages.

English (two terms)
- English 1A – Journeys
- English 1B – Destination-The Middle East

History (two terms)
- Word History A
- World History B

Science (two terms)
- Fundamentals of Science 1A
- Fundamentals of Science 1B

Identity & Ethnic Studies  / 9th Grade Health (each 6 weeks / 1/2 term)

Math (two terms) - Students who have not take Algebra 1 in 8th grade or who need an additional foundation of algebra and preliminary geometry should select Math 1. If you are planning to take the math placement test, you may choose Math 2 on form at left, although the Urban Math Department will make the final determination as to which class is most suitable. Please see Step 2 at left for more information on math placement and testing.

World Language (two terms) - Choose from Chinese, French or Spanish on form below, including which level course you believe is appropriate. Please see Step 2 at left for more information on language placement and testing.

Art Elective (one term) - You will take one art elective during your 9th grade year. You can see descriptions of these courses on our Curriculum pages here.

If you choose to participate in music, you must take the Intro class for your discipline as your 9th grade art elective. In future years, you are free to take other electives. Please note whether you will participate in music performance, or rank your first, second and third choices of the following classes on form below:

  • Intro to Chamber Orchestra - required if a student wishes to join the Chamber Orchestra 
  • Intro to Urban Singers - required if a student wishes to join Urban Singers 
  • Intro to Jazz Band - required if a student wishes to join the jazz band

Please see this video for more details on the music program.

Other arts electives for 9th graders include (go here for course descriptions):

  • Theater 1
  • Circus Techniques
  • Music Theory 1
  • 20th Century American Popular Music
  • Painting
  • Drawing/Mixed Media
  • Sculpture
  • Video Production