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Financial Aid FAQ

For the most commonly asked questions about financial aid at Urban, click on each of the questions below. If you still have questions, please email us at For step-by-step instructions on how to apply for financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid Checklist page.

Is financial aid available?

Central to the mission of Urban School is a commitment to socio-economic diversity among our students. To fulfill this promise, the school maintains a strong financial aid program, which seeks to ensure an Urban education remains accessible to qualified students regardless of their economic circumstances. Urban School awards financial aid on the basis of proven need and the availability of funds. Financial aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions. Once admitted, candidates for financial aid are referred to the Financial Aid Committee to determine aid awards.

Who should apply for financial aid?

Parents/guardians who have thoroughly pursued all other avenues (for example, help from extended family and reasonable equity loans) in planning for educational costs and who can document their need for further assistance may apply for financial aid.

Who is awarded financial aid?

During the 2017-18 school year, 29 percent of Urban’s student body will receive $3.7 million in financial aid. Financial aid awards range from partial to full tuition grants and the amount of the award is based solely on a family’s proven need.

How is a family’s need determined?

Urban School subscribes to School and Student Services by NAIS (referred to as SSS by NAIS). After families submit detailed financial information, SSS analyzes the data and recommends to the school an amount that each family can expect to pay for educational expenses. Urban’s Financial Aid Committee uses this figure as the basis for its financial award calculations. For applicants with divorced or separated parents, the assets and income of both households will be considered before any award is made.

Will applying for financial aid reduce my chances of getting accepted?

A student’s acceptance to Urban School by the Admissions Committee is independent from the Financial Aid Committee’s decision to award aid to a family. Once admitted, candidates for financial aid are referred to the Financial Aid Committee to determine the aid award. Because of the demand for financial aid, sometimes students are accepted to the school but do not receive assistance, even though they might qualify.

What if parents are divorced or separated?

Families with divorced or separated parents must have both parents complete the PFS and the financial aid application process. The income and assets of both parents, as well as step-parents, will be considered before any award is made.

When will decisions about financial aid be made?

Notice of financial aid decisions will accompany letters of acceptance to Urban School.

Does my family need to reapply for financial aid each year?

Each financial aid grant is made for one academic year, and families must reapply annually for aid. Unless there is significant change in a family’s resources, a family can expect that financial aid will be continued for the duration of a student’s time at Urban. Some factors that may change a student's award include change of job status, and the number of children in a family attending tuition-charging schools.

If our family takes money out of savings to afford Urban for our student’s freshman year, can we hope to get financial aid sophomore year?

Since Urban School allocates an equal amount of financial aid for each enrolling class, it is highly unlikely that a family who did not receive financial aid upon entering the school will receive aid in successive years.

What expenses are covered by financial aid?

A family that receives financial aid can expect few additional costs beyond the family’s tuition contribution. Financial aid is applied to the cost of the student’s tuition, books, and laptop. The percentage of financial aid is applied to extracurricular needs or functions and trips as well. If needed, students on financial aid may apply for these funds through the Business Office or Assistant Head for Student Life.

How do I get started?

To begin the application for financial aid, please visit our Financial Aid Checklist for all the deadlines and milestones.


We are here to answer questions and support you through the Urban admissions process. Our office can be reached via email or by calling 415 593 9555.

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