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The Urban Community Magazine | Fall 2010
Feature Stories
The Alumni Council Course Report
For Alumni Council members, the Urban experience was something extraordinary and something worth sharing. See how we're doing!

by Kate Jessup ('95) & Lock Bingham ('98)

For many of us, The Urban School was a revolution. Urban Alumni Council members recognize that the school gave them teachers who created safe places for learning, classrooms where first names were used, and a mentality that encouraged us to compete not with one another, but against one's personal best. Today Urban alumni are getting together to share their experiences and help promote the alumni community.

The most recent incarnation of the Urban Alumni Council was founded in 2007 under the tutelage of Head of School Mark Salkind ('70). Founding members included Aisha Lowe ('95) and Steven Dinkelspiel ('74), both of whom were (and currently are) serving on Urban’s Board of Trustees. From just those two members, the council has grown to 16 people strong, and we're hosting events and engaging in a range of initiatives.

As the Council celebrates its 4th birthday, we wanted to share some of the highlights of our activities with you. If you were able to participate in any of our events, we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with Urban. If you haven't participated yet, we want to welcome you to do so. The Council has a formidable spirit and bridges multiple generations of Urban students. Council members hold dear their goals—to increase the involvement and dedication of Urban’s alumni community so that we might increase access to the unique and excellent high school experience we enjoyed at Urban.

Alumni Council Strengths:
  • In the first year of our 100 for $100 Campaign—an effort to get 100 Urban alumni to give $100 dollars each—we exceeded our goal, with 101 alumni raising a total of $23,000.
  • The Council hosts a college panel each year where current Urban seniors can ask former Urban students about their college experiences.
  • The Council hosts quarterly happy hours at locations around the Bay Area. We've been ice skating at the Embarcadero, had cocktails and food truck hamburgers in the East Bay, and shared free pints with alums at City Beer in San Francisco.
  • Our All Alumni Reunion weekends have been growing and each has offered former students a chance to sit in on current classes or attend special classes with Urban’s most beloved faculty. Revisiting the speeches of Lincoln with LeRoy Votto and the poetry of Emily Dickinson with Jonathan Howland were highlights of this past year's weekend.
  • Urban staff, with a little help from the Council, turns out beautiful Blues Notes newsletters and other online updates that keep Urban Alumni informed about developments at the school and upcoming events.
  • The Council has raised more funds from Urban Alumni than has ever been raised before, and we just keep climbing.
Alumni Council Weaknesses:
  • That you're not a member of the council yet!
  • Our hope for the future is that we'll have more participation and be better able to enrich your life. We’re working to develop more sports events and provide more professional networking opportunities for Urban alumni.
Alumni Council's Goals for Improvement:
  • To recruit more members to the Council. Are you interested?
  • To achieve our goal this year of 150 alums contributing $100 or more for our 100 for $100 v1.5 effort. We only need 20 more alumni donors to participate by June 30! Please click here to make your gift online and be part of this groundbreaking program.
  • To develop The Urban School alumni community so individuals within it are more connected to each other, and more involved in the life of the school today.
  • To reach out to Urban School alumni and learn how Urban has affected their lives and where they find themselves today. To listen to alumni so we can improve our Council and what we offer to the larger Urban community.

Meet the Council
Aisha Lowe ('95)
Stephen Dinkelspiel ('74)
Alex Volberding ('94)
Elena Engle ('94)
Gabriella Fracchia ('95)
Jim Henderson (’78)
Jordan Kivelstadt ('00)
Kate Jessup ('95)
Katharine Innes ('02)
Lauren Scott ('01)
Leah Meakin ('87)
Lock Bingham ('98)
Maura Lynch ('95)
Miles Mulcare ('00)
Tara Wilson ('95)
Temple Byars ('96)

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