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Fall 2010
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100 for $100

It was a simple – but just right – idea. Ask 100 alums to each contribute $100 to Urban’s Annual Fund. A small group of Urban alumni supporters would match each gift up to a total of $10,000. So 100 for $100 = a total of $20,000 to help students who otherwise couldn’t finance an Urban education.

“The 100 for $100 campaign was historic for Urban. Not only did 100 generous alums contribute nearly $22,500, but their contributions represent the most amount ever raised by the alumni community in a single year. Compared to 2008-09, we nearly doubled the amount of money raised by alums!” said Urban alumni council fundraising chair and Board of Trustees member Steven Dinkelspiel (’74). “Our alumni community understands that while these are trying times for raising funds, there are many smart, talented and all-around great kids who deserve a shot at an Urban education, just like we had.”

Thanks to Dinkelspiel’s leadership, 15 alums stepped up to offer matching dollars to encourage broader alumni support. “Increasingly, Urban alums understand why it’s so critical that we lend a hand to the school that did so much for us,” says Alumni Council chair and Board of Trustees member Aisha Toney (’95). “It becomes a responsibility and an honor to give back to your school, and there’s no better time than now, and there’s certainly no better place than Urban.”

Throughout the 100 for $100 campaign, Urban’s alums have been very vocal in their commitment to the school’s value of providing diversity of access. Read about some of our 100 for $100 alums and why they are giving back to Urban!

Thank you to all of the alumni who have contributed to the Annual Fund this year!
Janice Rodgers Bracken 1969
Kathleen Callahan 1971
Phyllis Goldsmith 1971
Charles Grant 1971
*Andrew Towne 1971
*Janet Traub 1973
Frederick Cosentino 1974
Sarah Fisk, Ph.D 1974
Barbara Gregoratos 1974
*Anne Shepler 1974
Paul Spiegel 1974
*Karl Heisler 1975
*Jonathan Kleid 1975
Tom Phillips 1975
*Betsy Lurie Weis 1975
Nancy Traub Chirinos 1976
Peter Cudhea 1976
*Daniel Terris 1976
Carolyn Weil 1976
*Julie Stein 1977
*Carol Rosenberg Berluti 1978
Carl Lucania 1978
David Weinstein 1978
*John Amador-Whittier 1979
Caren Andrews 1979
Jim Henderson 1979
Sharon Meyer 1979
Eric Rosenkrantz 1979
Sean Williams 1979
Laura Fracchia-Riviello 1980
*Kyle Reis 1981
Mariana Schwartz Smith 1981
Jessica Mihaly 1982
Ian Rosen 1983
Amanda Chapman 1984
Erica Lenkert 1985
Bary Levinson 1985
Mary Ellen Petrich 1985
*Steven Abrahams 1987
Leah Meakin 1987
Justine Underhill 1987
Rebecca Leventhal Walker 1987
Annik Hirshen 1988
Patrick Murphy 1988
Brendan Milburn 1989
Katya Miller 1989
Leslie Nichols 1989
Heather Boothe 1990
Jeanne Heath 1990
Gabrielle Dobel Kashani 1990
Elizabeth Kropf Sparks 1990
*Christopher Ridley 1991
Jeremy Anderson 1992
Elizabeth Clarke 1992
Courtney Levine 1992
Amy Hethcoat Pearson 1992
Jesse Pearson 1992
Meghan Fordor 1993
*Neil Fred Picciotto 1993
Clea Blockey 1994
Elena Engle 1994
Gabriella Fracchia Archini 1995
Rebeka Barth 1995
Marcella Gates 1995
Shira Gill 1995
Kate Jessup 1995
Clio Weisman 1995
Tara Wilson 1995
Igor Zagatsky 1995
Jessica Coffin Butterick 1996
Temple Byars 1996
Charlotte Haas 1996
Lock Bingham 1998
Vasili Gavre-Wareham 1998
Emily Kimball 1998
Kadeidra Honey 1999
*Jonathan Kropf 1999
Amina Samaké 1999
Alexander Volberding 1999
Andrew Cooper IV 2000
Thomas Gorman 2000
Thomas Johannessen 2000
Jordan Kivelstadt 2000
Miles Mulcare 2000
Marielle Ramsay 2000
Anderson Reed 2000
David Shamszad 2000
Lindsay Barrick 2001
Michael Chan 2001
Adam Fenn 2001
Ellen McKay 2001
Ben Naidus 2001
Molly Rogers 2001
Lauren Scott 2001
Hannah Tiblier-Weiss 2001
Andrea Scally 2002
David Swig 2002
Courtney Cooper 2003
Emily Harrison 2004
Caitlin Sargent 2004
Justin Dorham 2005
Jesse Brown 2006
Isabelle Chow 2007
Emma Dinkelspiel 2007
Brett Shannon 2007
* Alums who were part of the matching gift effort.

We also would like to acknowledge the alums who are current parents or on the Board of Trustees at Urban for their generous support of the 2009-10 Annual Fund.

Holly Badgley 1969
Mark Salkind 1970
Joseph Kwong 1971
Suzanne Schutte 1973
Steven Dinkelspiel 1974
Elizabeth Strain 1974
Jan Waldman Brown 1977
Lisa Mihaly 1979
Michael Terris 1979
Peter Waldman 1979
David Walker 1979
Devorah Jacoby 1980
Durelle Schacter 1981
Aisha Toney 1995
"There is no substitute for a good teacher, and Urban had many of them while I was a student there."
Anne C. Shepler (’74)
"I always tell people that the greatest thing I learned while at Urban is how to think for myself. This is the greatest gift one can have. It lasts a lifetime and certainly is worth far more than any donation I may make."
Jonathan Kleid (’75)
"Continuing to support educational opportunity is one of the ways of giving back to our communities, including those in which we grew up."
Ian Rosen (’83)
"At Urban, the education never ends because you’re encouraged to continue to think about what you’ve learned, create context for what you’ve learned, and defend what you’ve learned against differing opinions and oppositional voices. Learning is just the beginning."
Jesse Pearson (’92)

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