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Visits, Visits, Visits: What Matters?

by Lauren Gersick
Associate Director of College Counseling

The parade of college representatives that visit Urban each fall (usually over 100) and the concurrent receptions offered by many colleges at local hotels or auditoriums can make one's mind spin. In order to make sure students and parents feel confident in what they do and do not need to attend, we want to reiterate what really matters about these visits and the role that they play.

College rep visits to Urban are a great way for seniors to learn about colleges, often from the very people who will be shepherding their applications through the admission process. While juniors are invited to attend if they are free, these visits are aimed at seniors. Parents, these are for students only, so no need to schedule a run to Urban during your lunch break. College visits at Urban are suggested but should not be at the expense of any other school obligation: these visits are meant to be supplementary to, not in place of, any contact you would have with a college. Reps expect that some students sitting in on a meeting might have a fantastic grasp of the college and others may be just feeling the school out. Regardless, attending can never hurt.

Unlike visits to Urban, area-wide college presentations are more or less an open call for anyone who wants to learn about a particular institution. While they often offer free coffee or snacks, these events are generally much broader and bigger than what we host on Page Street. Families should only decide to attend if the event seems convenient and interesting. The content of a Sunday afternoon event at a Hyatt is likely to be a broad overview of a college meant to inform in much the same way as a personalized tour of a college website. If the format and timing work for your family, go for it! If not, don't give it a second thought. As we get deeper into September, the invitations by paper post and email will continue to amp up. Much like advertisements in the mail or spam in your inbox, feel free to filter, sort and then choose to mark your calendar or discard.

The Urban visits for students, however, may be worth a bit of planning to make work. Here is a link to the college reps that are currently scheduled to visit Urban. The list will be updated each week as more representatives make appointments. We'll include a link weekly in This Week at Urban to remind you all to take a look!

Posted by lgersick on Thursday August, 28, 2014 at 04:13PM


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