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It Really Is All About You!

by Susan Lee
Director of College Counseling

The best way that students can meet their destination in this process and arrive there healthy, whole, and ready to take on new challenges is to follow their own path and be themselves.
  - Robin Mamlett, former Dean of Admissions at Stanford, Swarthmore and Sarah Lawrence

This hits home for us in the College Counseling office at this time of year. With so much information out there, so many approaches to the college application process, and so many different personalities, this seems like particularly good advice as we start the school year. The way your friends approach the application process is not necessarily the way that you should do it. There is not one magic “strategy” that works for everyone!

Some comments that we have heard in the College Counseling office this week:

She has three essays already complete! 
Fine, but there is still plenty of time to write YOUR essay. And teachers and counselors at Urban - your best coaches - are here to help you and to work with you individually. We have lots of experience!  

He knows exactly where he is going to apply and where he wants to go to college!
YOU will figure that out soon, too. Most applications are not due until January 1.  

Three other people are applying early and only one person was accepted last year to Selective U, so, even though it is my dream school, I am not going to apply early.
Each year is different, each applicant pool is different, and each application is evaluated on its own. If Selective U is the school that is your dream and it is a reasonable consideration based on your academic profile, do not consider who else in your class is applying!  

I need to apply somewhere early, but I do not know where.
There are advantages and disadvantages of applying early, and an early admission plan is not for everyone.  It may seem like everyone is applying early, but that is just not the case. Discuss with your counselor whether an early application is the right thing for you.  

Posted by Kristen Bailey on Friday September, 2, 2011 at 04:40PM


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