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Coed Cross Country

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Reminder: Urban Athletic Physical Form must be completed and turned in before you can participate.

Important Information from Head Coach Bill:

Welcome to Urban and the Urban Cross Country team. Just a few items for everyone to be familiar with:

1. Practice officially begins on Monday 8/14- we will meet at 2:45 in front of St. Agnes gym at Urban. Practice will last about an hour an a half to two hours.

2. Please wear running shoes and not cross trainers. If your running shoes are more than 3 months old, and have been used consistently, please buy new running shoes since older shoes break down quickly and can cause ankle and shin problems.

3. Bring water and please begin hydrating now- 6-8 glasses of water per day.

4. We train Monday through Friday and Varsity runners are expected to train on Saturday, although everyone else is invited and encouraged to train on Saturday if possible.

5. While I realize that some, if many, of you will not be around until school begins, I do encourage you to run as much as possible if you are unable to attend practice during the latter half of August. The more you run the better you will be.

6. Our first meet is on TBD at Pinole Regional Park. It's an invitational meet that we participate in every year. The course is short, 2.1 miles, and is a good preparation meet. It's relaxed and there's not a lot of pressure.

7. "Tryouts" is not as ominous as it sounds: it mainly consists of seeing if you are capable of participating in the sport; we look at endurance, stamina and time to determine your abilities, what type of training you will need, and if you will be able to meet the demands of the sport. During the regular season league meets, everyone runs varsity, while for invitationals there are frosh.soph, jv and varsity levels. All championship meets are restricted to varsity.

8. Remember, there is always a place on the team for everyone, regardless of your level. Let us know your concerns and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and welcome. We believe we can make anyone a better runner.


Director of Athletics
Joe Skiffer
Athletic Office: 415 593 9530
Athletic Fax: 415 593 9532

Assistant Director of Athletics
Kali Heys
Athletic Office: 415 593 9531
Athletic Fax: 415 593 9532


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