Event Details

Urban 101 for Parents - Infinity with Parisa Safa
Salkind Center - Redwood

If it takes a week to write about one day of your life, will you be able to finish your autobiography? What if you were immortal? You are in charge of a hotel with infinitely many rooms, but all are taken. 20 people show up. How can you offer them rooms without kicking anyone out of the hotel? What if infinitely many people showed up? Infinity is a fundamental concept that both philosophers and mathematicians have struggled with since 500 B.C. During our session, we will discuss and debunk ancient and modern paradoxes involving infinity. We will also show, using simple and elegant arguments, that not only is the concept of infinity sound, but that there are indeed infinitely many infinities!

Please let us know you are coming!

This event will have parking available in any space in the Salkind Center parking garage EXCEPT the green spaces on the lower level that say "St. Agnes Parking 24hours/day, 7 days per week." If garage door is not open, please push the call button for assistance.