Winter Art Show 2021

Join us for the annual Winter Art Show, featuring 16 Urban Seniors. All artists have created a portfolio of their work; click on each of the images below to access their website.
Watch the Winter Art Show Premiere
Thursday, March 4, 2021
7 pm

The artwork in the Winter Art Show comes out of a class called the Advanced Art Exhibition. In this 12-week course, the artists complete a project of their choosing, following it from concept to execution. Since the beginning of the term, they have spent time making sketches or maquettes, filming, experimenting with materials, and tools, writing about their ideas, sharing them with their peers and receiving feedback, documenting their process, and building websites so that their work can be seen outside of their bedrooms. 

This has been a long journey on their discovery of themselves as an artist. What makes this year especially unique and challenging is that they did this at home, on their own, while the world around them (and inside of them) was often swirling.  Each project was unique, with students exploring different ideas and using media that ranged from film, animation, drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking, stitching and crochet, fabric, and lots of mixed media. In addition, each artist designed their own websites showcasing their artwork and creative process. I encourage you to spend some time looking at what they created.

Each of the squares below is a link to the artist's website, where you can see their work, artist's statement and more.