Urban's Theater Arts Department helps students build confidence, access creativity and practice collaboration as they engage in storytelling through the art of theater.

Through a range of classes and productions, students have opportunities to explore the various crafts of theater, as performers, writers, designers and technicians. By learning to perform for their peers in a safe environment, students build confidence and self-awareness as they develop physical poise and vocal clarity. Through improvisation, character development, circus arts, original writing and scenic design, students access creativity and explore multiple modes of self-expression. Throughout our program, students practice collaboration, from in-class work with partners to full ensemble productions, and actively engage in empathy -- both with their artistic partners and with the dramatic characters they encounter.

Our program accommodates students with no performing experience, as well as those interested in pursuing theater professionally. Foundational classes introduce artistic habits of mind and give students opportunities to explore the elements of theater in low-risk environments. Advanced classes train students in a range of performance techniques and expose them to the uses of dramatic tools in wider community settings. Our production classes mount two major productions each year, a play and a musical, and the year ends with a festival of short plays written and directed by Urban Seniors. Urban is also one of the few high schools in the country to offer a circus arts course.