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Alumni Business Network

Alex Drexler (‘96) partnered with former Madewell and J. Crew designer Somsack Sikhounmuong to relaunch his clothing line, Alex Mill. The company opened its first store in New York City this year. Find out more about Alex and Alex Mill at My Uniform: Alex Drexler. If you are in New York City, go visit the new store at 63 Greene Street!



Support Our Alums!

Food & Wine



Prospect Restaurant
Nancy Oakes ('69)



Escape from New York Pizza 
Suzanne Esser ('84)



The Interval 
Alexander Rose ('90)




Kivelstadt Cellars
Jordan Kivelstadt ('00)

Sonoma County



Lord George 
San Francisco Athletic Club 
Oakland Athletic Club
Ezra Berman ('98)





Hung Dang ('93)




Allyson Woodman Jossel ('94)




Pugs Leap Cheese
White Whale Farm 
Anna Hancock ('00)
Petaluma, CA, and select retailers


Creative & Consulting Services

Adept Prep
Jennifer Dillon ('96)   

Washington, D.C.                       



Amos Goldbaum Artwork and Design
Amos Goldbaum ('03)


Branch Creative
Josh Morenstein ('87)




Community at Work
Sarah Fisk ('74)




Daffodil Digital
Sarah-Maeve Hersh-Boyle ('05)




DC Metal Work
Diana Coopersmith ('86)




Francesca Saveri Art
Francesca Saveri ('76)
Oakland, CA



The FruitGuys
(Pia Hinckle '82)




Hesse Press
Claire (Margaret) Kelly ('06)
Los Angeles, CA



Janet Jacobs Arts Educator
Janet Jacobs ('79)


Kleid Design Group
Jonathan Kleid ('75)




Lambert Floral Studio
Sammy Go ('08)




Loren Schiller, Freelance Writer & Strategist
Loren Schiller ('97)



Mark & Carter
Carter Bolick ('88)




Organizational Performance Group
Laura Freebairn-Smith ('76)



Perry Garvin Studio
Perry Garvin ('96)



Simply Sorted
Shira Gill ('95)



Studio Lily Kwong 
Lily Kwong ('06)
Brooklyn, NY


Health & Wellness

Lara Klemens Massage Therapy
Lara Klemens ('88)

Mia K. Weinberg Acupuncture 
Mia Weinberg ('01)

Performance Game Plan
Jen Schuman ('01)



The Local Foods Wheel
Sarah Klein ('86)

Financial & Legal Services


Whitney Larson ('04)


Elevate Capital Partners
Jared Dowell ('99)



Hanson Bridgett Legal
Alex Berline ('84)



Hersh & Hersh Legal
Kate Hersh-Boyle ('02)



Matt Wertheim & Associates
Matt Wertheim ('78)


Lifestyle & Entertaining


Betty Zlatchin Catering and Events
David Zlatchin ('89)

Burke & Black
Nicole Burke ('97)


Claudia Mercado ('02)


Circus Bella
Abigail Munn ('98)


ElfenWoodCamp at the Oregon County Fair
Heather Kent ('84)


Gluten-Free Food Magazine
Erika Lenkert ('85)



QuickFox Events
Julie Miller ('89)



Villa Valdibora, a Heritage hotel in Rovinj, Croatia
Zvonko Nogolica ('81)






City Surf Project
Johnny Irwin ('02)



Mindful Arts San Francisco
Andrew Jordan Nance ('83)


Society of Unique Artists                            Jacqueline (Martinez) Simon ('89)





Alison Photography Studios

Alison Hoffman ('91)


Ethan Scott Photo

Ethan Scott ('99)

Los Angeles, CA



Jenny Sampson Photography

Jenny Sampson ('87)



Real Estate


Hill & Co Real Estate
Courtney Cooper '03




The Gabriella Fracchia Team
Gabriella Fracchia '95


Retail & Fashion



Alex Mill
Alex Drexler ('96)


The Animal House
Megan Johnson ('86)



Castle in the Air
Karima Cammel ('92)


Emily L. Harrison ('02)


Kipper Clothiers
Erin Berg ('08)



Marcella Madsen ('85)



Noe Valley Pet Company
Celia Sack ('87)



Omnivore Books
Celia Sack ('87)



Kate Collins ('94)



Spectrum Apparel
McCall Calhoun ('13)




Thomas Sires
Fiona Thomas ('95)




Topos Bookstore Cafe
Benjamin Friedman ('86)




Hunter Hancock ('18)



Albie Brown ('12)