Urban’s science program offers a rigorous and experiential introduction to the key concepts and skills needed to understand phenomena in the natural world. With weekly labs, Urban students formulate testable questions, design experiments, analyze data and present their results. Labs, field trips and special projects often anchor an academic unit or an entire course. By participating firsthand in authentic investigations, students gain the ability to evaluate scientific claims critically, both in high school and beyond.

All Urban students take the same core integrated 9th and 10th grade classes, uncovering the connections between physics, chemistry and biology. During 11th and 12th grade, students may choose from a wide variety of science electives based on their interests. These include challenging UAS courses, field-based courses that use the Bay Area as their classroom, and project-based UrbanX Labs courses that allow students to engineer their own creations.

Samantha Littlefox
Science Department Chair
415 626 2919 x240