Urban School of San Francisco Students


The following health courses are required for all students at Urban School:

Health 9 encourages students to explore and gather relevant and current information that will help them make informed decisions regarding their health and will support them in living out personal values in daily life. Through readings, activities, discussions and videos, students will learn how their own personal values, as well as the values of others around them impact the decisions they make. The intention is for this class to be both informative and enjoyable where each student will participate in their own learning. Required for 9th graders. (Six week course.)

Health 10 focuses on human sexuality, personal integrity and where the two intersect. Over the course of the six weeks, students are given instruction in a broad and inclusive definition of sexuality, as well as reproductive anatomy, puberty, understanding sexual behaviors, and how to assess the emotional and physical risks and benefits of various behaviors. We do this within various contexts, such as social networking, family structures, the academic environment of school and parties. In addition, the class spends a lot of time discussing personal integrity and intuition, how to be assertive, as well as how to deconstruct various interpersonal relationship dynamics and make decisions within those interactions that would yield more positive outcomes. Students engage in reflection through journal writing, class discussion, small group work and partnered problem solving. The goals of the course are: to gain a better understanding of one's moral values and how to practice them daily; to acquire credible and correct information about sexuality, to practice articulating and standing up for one's beliefs, and to deconstruct and better understand interpersonal relationship dynamics and how one fits into them. Required for 10th graders. (Six week course.)