Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular and E period courses and activities are many and varied at Urban. In addition to the four academic courses and lunchtime clubs, students may take co-curricular electives that meet during periods reserved for year-long classes, as well as physical activities and/or study halls. The credit for these activities and courses varies.

Urban's Green Team is a student group that aims to analyze and shift Urban's institutional practices toward greater environmental sustainability. The group focuses primarily on addressing physical/plant sustainability, rather than how sustainability is addressed within the curriculum, as well as environmental justice within our communities. In addressing these issues, Green Team will consult with local nonprofits, city organizations and other Bay Area high schools. A large part of the group's goals is to educate the Urban community about how to make our institutional and personal choices and habits more sustainable. (Meets during one E period)

HIPE The purpose of Health Initiatives for Peer Education (HIPE) is to support health education within the Urban community. It complements the Health program by helping support 9th and 10th grade Health curriculum, and assisting in the planning of and participation in additional health learning opportunities and health days over the course of the academic year. (Meets during one E Period)

Library Leaders is a student group that aims to make the Urban Herbst Library a better place for all community members. Group members will support library usage at Urban in order to promote a lifelong love of reading. Activities include working with the librarians to figure out what the best books are, create book displays, plan library activities, and determine the best ways to increase library usage. Members will be expected to write book reviews, collaborate with other student groups, and market the library and library events. (Meets during one E period.)

The MultiCulti Leadership Team (MultiCulti) is committed to identifying, exploring and working on multicultural issues to create a more inclusive school community. It serves as a home base for Urban affinity groups to find support, share ideas and work together as a cohesive entity. MultiCulti strives to create a safe space for all students to meaningfully engage in these issues through events such as all-school meetings, panels, discussion forums, film screenings and guest speaker presentations. MultiCulti hosts the MultiCulti Festival in the fall, Month of Understanding in the winter, and Affinity Show in the spring. More importantly, our goal is to expand Urban's amount of "safe space" by giving students the tools to digest and openly confront multicultural issues at Urban and in their own lives. We are dedicated to working on topics relevant to all students to ultimately build a more socially aware student body. (Meets during U1)

The Peer Resource group is devoted to social/emotional/mental health inquiry, projects and community service. We explore our own personal psychology and growing up experiences, and create forums for community education and discussion. Our themes and projects vary year to year; there are also traditions that reprise each year. We strive to provide resources and companionship to peers across an array of teen experience and struggle. All PR members take the Peer Education theater class in the Fall term and also help host smaller storytelling forums in the Winter and Spring. We meet once a week and more when we are planning events. We also go on one or two overnights per school year. (Meets during U1 Period + additional responsibilities.)

The Peer Tutoring program is available to all Urban students who are having difficulties in a class due to challenging material, gaps in their preparation, or absences caused by illness. In weekly one-on-one meetings, 10th, 11th and 12th graders who have performed well in specific academic areas help their peers develop learning strategies, understand concepts, clear up misconceptions and complete homework in all subjects. Peer tutors complete several hours of training before they begin weekly tutoring sessions, which typically take place during study halls. Peer tutors possess a high degree of approachability and patience, as well as the ability to listen, ask questions, maintain confidentiality and problem-solve, without necessarily solving the problems themselves.

The Playwriting Workshop is for 12th graders and meets during winter term. With the help of exercises, play readings and regular deadlines, Workshop students will develop an original 10-minute play. This workshop is required for 12th graders who want their plays to be eligible for inclusion in the spring One Act Festival. (12th Graders Only) (Meets during T2)

Portfolio Prep Portfolio Prep meets during the fall term. This class serves as a structured environment in which 12th graders, who have an experienced art background,  compile a portfolio of their artwork that is included with their college application. The portfolio should reflect creativity, content and technical abilities. During these meetings, students edit, document, revise and organize their work into a portfolio that meets the individual college requirements. Students are expected to be self-directed and productive. (12th Graders Only)

Technical Theater Production and Design facilitates students who want to engage more fully in the crafting of theatrical productions. This course will focus on understanding the roles in all areas of technical design and stagecraft, including: scenic design and construction, costume design, sound design, lighting design, projection setup and design, and backstage assistance and stage management. Students will work individually and in small groups on class projects that will benefit their understanding of technical theater as well as benefit the current production that term. Following their training, students will have an opportunity to directly support one of Urban's many productions, which include Theater Production, Musical Theater Production, Peer Education Theater or the spring One Acts Festival. (Meets yearlong during E1).

UrbanX Labs: Design is an introduction to applied science at Urban and is open to all students. Major topics include basic structural analysis of electronic systems, essential principles of engineering, and the fundamentals of iterative design. Students learn skills such as computer assisted design, 3D modeling, systems analysis, and proper use of advanced tools and lab equipment. (Meets during U2)

UrbanX Labs: Research and Development (RnD) is an advanced level applied science module for 11th and 12th graders. Students apply their foundation of scientific knowledge to engineer solutions to practical problems. Students explore project challenges of their own choosing as they are exposed to major applied science and engineering topics, including mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. (Meets during E2)

Additional E period options include:
Chamber Orchestra
Advanced Jazz Band
Lab Jazz Band
Urban Singers Chorus

Journalism / Urban Legend Student Newspaper