For more information and assistance, please contact:

Rachel Herbert
Director of Learning Services
415 593 9514

Alyson Kaneshiro
Interim Associate Director of Learning Services
415 593 9515

Learning Services

Urban’s Learning Services Department supports all students in gaining a better understanding of how they learn, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential. We understand that people learn in a variety of ways, and we value the neurodiversity within our community. Our goal is to empower students to effectively advocate for themselves in a variety of contexts at Urban and beyond.

The Director and Associate Director of Learning Services are available to consult with any student who needs support with study skills, time management and organization. They collaborate closely with Grade Level Deans, teachers and advisors to facilitate students’ growth. The following learning supports are embedded within Urban’s program for all students:

  • Week Sheets uploaded weekly for every class, describing the in-class activities, homework and assessments for the upcoming week 
  • Peer Tutors
  • Smartboards in every classroom, with class notes uploaded to Urban’s online learning management system
  • Distraction-free software on all student computers (Isolator, Self Control, Time Out, Write Room)
  • Tutorial periods to meet with teachers
  • Supervised study periods for 9th/10th graders
  • Detailed Interim Reports halfway through each term 
  • 1-on-1 conversations with teachers about Interim Reports
  • School-specific strategies lists, such as Focus and Self-Care Strategies During Virtual Urban.

Please click on the +/- below for information about specific resources for students with diagnosed learning differences.