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Learning Support

Urban School is committed to supporting all students, however differently they may learn. Urban’s approach combines the best teaching practices with up-to-date technology and a range of support services, all in recognition of the school’s mission to ignite a passion for learning for all our students.

Best practices incorporate traditional techniques – models, a consistent classroom routine, study guides for tests – with new approaches made possible by technology and skilled teachers. At Urban, best practices are common practice, not necessarily accommodations.

As a longtime laptop school, Urban’s use of technology benefits all kinds of learners. In addition to the many tools available on every student’s laptop, all classrooms are wired for sound and projection and notation capture. All students are provided graphing calculators for use in math classes, and SmartBoards in each classroom enable teachers to post class notes online.

Urban also has a host of support services available to all students, including:

  • Multiple weekly study periods during which students can consult one-on-one with teachers
  • Writing, reading and study skills support with the Learning Services Coordinator
  • Social-emotional support with the School Counselor
  • Audio, video and digital library
  • Individualized academic advising
  • Peer tutoring
  • Referrals to outside tutors and learning specialists

Examples of accommodations for students diagnosed with a learning difference include:

  • Extended time on school and standardized tests
  • Testing in a quiet place, such as the Learning Services office
  • Extra breaks during testing
  • On-site standardized testing for students with special accommodations, such as laptop use.