Urban School of San Francisco Students

College Testing

Standardized tests play some role in almost all selective college admission decisions. Different institutions, however, use test scores differently. Urban students and their families need to be well-informed about school-specific testing requirements, deadlines and expectations in order to understand the importance of scores in your particular application process.

The FAQ below gives you some information around standardized college and AP exams. Additional information will be shared with you throughout the college process at meetings and with your Urban college counselor.


Urban Advanced Studies (UAS) Courses and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Urban School's curriculum provides an exceptionally strong foundation in college preparatory subjects. Many of our classes have distinctive features that set them apart as particularly challenging and comparable to college-level work. These classes, designated as UAS, are developed by the Urban faculty and are not limited to the College Board Advanced Placement curriculum. UAS classes are offered in every subject area and recognized by colleges (including the University of California) as honors-level courses.