December 13, 2016
Susan Lee
Co-Director of College Counseling
415 626 2919 x511
Lauren Gersick
Co-Director of College Counseling
415 626 2919 x512
Maya Zeigler
College Counseling Associate
415 626 2919 x519

Dear Junior Students & Parents/Guardians:

As mentioned in the previous Junior College Bulletin about the College Counseling process at Urban, we will begin meetings with Juniors and parents/guardians on January 11. During these meetings, we will discuss specifics about the college admissions process and individually begin planning for Senior year and beyond.

Appointment scheduling happens online. When you go to the link sent to you by College Counseling specific to your counselor, her meeting calendar will appear. Please select a meeting slot that works for your entire family. Meetings are held before and after school, as well as during E Periods. Please make sure your student is able to miss an E Period before selecting one of these slots.

Students in Jazz Band, Urban Singers or Chamber Orchestra--held during E1, E2 and E4 -- cannot miss these classes. For these students E3 or E5 are permitted.

Meetings are approximately 40-50 minutes. Please sign up for a meeting as soon as you are able. 

The college application process requires some self-reflection and self assessment and this introspection begins before your meeting! Parent(s)/guardian(s) and students each have a separate initial meeting questionnaire that must be completed ONE FULL WEEK before your scheduled conference. If the questionnaires are not submitted one week in advance, a meeting reschedule may be necessary. 

To access the student and parent/guardian questionnaires, it is necessary to register for Naviance, the platform that ultimately becomes the interface for tracking and researching colleges. Right now, however, the focus is on the questionnaires only. We will offer extensive guidance about the full range of Naviance features later this winter.

In a separate email coming later today or tomorrow from the Naviance system, you will receive your unique login. Please use that link to set up your account and fill out the parent or student questionnaire. Instructions about accessing the questionnaire are on the Naviance landing page once you have logged in.

To sum up the steps in preparation for your initial appointment:
1. Sign up for appointment with your counselor.
2. Register for Naviance (login forthcoming in a separate email).
3. Fill out and submit Initial Meeting Survey on Naviance (instructions on Naviance)

We are so looking forward to meeting with you,

Best regards,
Susan,  Lauren and Maya

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