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MAY 21, 2014
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Urban Lunchtime Outdoor
Music Concerts

Tuesday-Friday, May 27-30, 2014
Urban Backyard
Urban One Acts Festival
May 28-31, 2014
Gumption Theater
Click here for details
Circus Class Performances
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Gumption Theater
Cal Studies Presentation
Thursday, June 12, 2014
7 p.m.
Gumption Theater
Class of 2014 Graduation
Saturday, June 14, 2014
11 a.m.
Stern Grove

For more details on any events, including parking, please visit the Urban web calendar.

Click here to see pictures from the Southern California Alumni Reunion.

Click here to see some photos from the new Entomology class offered for the first time this spring at Urban!


We are pleased to share that more than $70,000 has been raised toward the E.E. Ford Foundation Challenge Grant. Thank you to all of our donors who have made gifts ranging from $20 to $20,000. If we raise another $80,000 from alumni parents in the next few weeks (by June 30) for a total of $150,000, we will receive $50,000 from the Foundation!

Securing the challenge grant will have a significant impact on our ability to break ground next May on a new Academic and Athletics Center, which will include a tournament-size gym, seven classrooms and two levels of parking.

Please donate today! Each and every gift will help us secure this grant and make this transformational project a reality. To learn more about our North Campus expansion and Academic and Athletics Center, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Lee at 415 593 9542 or via email.


We are pleased to announce a new global education partnership with Lycée Thérèse d'Avila, a K-high school based in Lille, France. In April, Michel Robitaille, President, and François Tellier, Head of School, visited Urban to sign a cultural and educational partnership agreement. Lycée Thérèse d'Avila has 2,100 students total with approximately 600 at the high school level. Based in Northern France along the Belgium border, Lille is well known for its quality schools and universities.

As part of the exchange, 15 students from the Lycée will visit Urban for two weeks in Fall 2014, and 15 Urban students will travel to Lille in April 2015. This partner- ship with Lycée Thérèse d'Avila expands Urban's global education opportunities, along with relationships/trips with schools and organizations in India, China and Switzerland. Urban's global education partnerships are born from our longtime commitment to instill a sense of purpose as citizens of the larger community and world in our students. To read more click here.


Urban has partnered with the Athenian School, The College Preparatory School, Lick-Wilmerding High School and Marin Academy to form the Bay Area BlendEd Consortium. The five schools will offer 10 courses combining face-to-face and online instruction beginning in Fall 2014. The BlendEd Consortium seeks to combine demonstrated best practices for online learning with our schools’ proven strengths in direct classroom instruction. By creating a blended model, where students access the curriculum and teachers online, as well as through regular class meetings, we help our students prepare for the changing methods of instruction and communication they will see in college and in the workforce while preserving the core relational culture that lies at the heart of our schools’ educational missions.

BlendEd courses combine demonstrated best practices for online learning with face-to-face instruction, while taking advantage of the geography, talent and culture of the Bay Area. Urban will offer two of the courses next year: Climate Change: Scientific Principles, Impacts, and Human Responses with Geoff Ruth, and Multivariable Calculus with Riley Maddox. For more information about the Consortium and to see a complete list of classes for 2014-15, please click here.

When looking for a job or internship, that old adage of who you know is just as important as what you know rings true. With that in mind, Urban's Alumni Association is encouraging our alumni community to connect with other members of the Urban network to build professional relationships, to find informational interview subjects, and even to look for an internship or job. In March, Alumni Parent Ted Congdon (May '13), Managing Principal of Granite Peak Advisors, shared some tips about how Urban alums can maximize their alumni connections with LinkedIn. We invite and encourage our alumni parents interested in serving as a professional resource to our students and young alums to join the Urban Alumni LinkedIn Group. You can read Ted's piece here.

We are excited to share that Urban alum Katie Bentivoglio ('09) accepted a Junior Fellowship position at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. Katie started at UC Berkeley, transfered to Columbia and majored in political science and Middle Eastern, South Asian and African studies.
This past year, she worked in the Presidential Internship Program at the American University in Cairo. Katie reached out to Urban last month to thank her teachers for preparing her to be a critical thinker and to pursue new areas of study. A quote from Columbia history professor Bob Neer, who taught Katie in Contemporary Civilization, said, "she was a very opinionated but respectful student." This definitely sounds like an Urban-trained student! To read more about Katie's new position, please read the article in Columbia University's newspaper. Congratulations Katie!
Photo courtesy of Katie Bentivoglio
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